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In 2018, the artist Igor Tsvetkov began making a series of works called Rapture, which he based on a pseudoscientific concept he invented about studying the dreams of soldiers of the Second World War. According to this concept the series was based on the work of psychoanalysts working with the dreams of soldiers during the Second World War. Independently, many therapists have discovered patterns of soldiers ' dreams. All of them dreamed of aliens who kidnapped men, moved into their bodies and came to earth to terrorize the population and make various evil and nasty things

Cozy madness and bloody detective stories in a front of a blue-fire place...

In 2019, theater and film director Maksim Didenko invited Igor to create videoart for his theatrical production "WE" based on the novel by Evgeny Zamyatin on the stage of the Deutsches Theater (Berlin). Impressed by the "Rapture" series, Maksim suggested embedding one of the iconic characters of the series - the Incubus (a creature with a hole in its head) into the production of "WE". The premiere of the production was postponed twice due to the pandemic, and subsequently canceled due to the beginning of Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine, and artists decided to continue working in collaboration on the resulting artistic universe, calling it "Dark Times"

The result of their collaboration was the highly progressive development of the "Dark Times" universe. In 2023, the artists shot a low-budget short film "Rapture", in the north of Germany with the participation of local residents. They also made a series of performances dedicated to the universe. The massive final chord of their actions was a large exhibition in the heart of Berlin dedicated to the "Dark Times" universe. At which the artists showed all the material accumulated by 2023. At the moment, the universe continues to evolve, the authors are developing new films, performances and other artistic works. A small team working on the development of the universe will always be happy to welcome new participants who want to join the project. At the moment, we are actively looking for producers who are ready to work with us on the following projects.

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