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short film by Maksim Didenko and Igor Tsvetkov


2002, future. After a series of apocalyptic events, human life has completely changed. At an unidentified military base, near a small village, soldiers continue to mysteriously disappear. And the area was flooded with strange vagina-headed mutants.

With dwindling resources, the villagers are forced to engage in artisanal biotechnology and the local Detective and his gang are "blade running" between law and crime.


Directed by: Maksim Didenko, Igor Tsvetkov.

Produced by: B.L.P., rrO, Galerie Kuchling.

Duration: 21 min 2023

The film "Rapture" was filmed in August 2022 in the village of Palingen in northern Germany. This is a spontaneous improvisational passion project made by a group of artists under the leadership of Igor Tsvetkov and Maksim Didenko. The film had no budget and the script was invented the day before filming; in addition to professional actors like Pavel Semchenko and Maksim Didenko, the roles in the film were played also by village residents. Filming took a day and a half, and all the props and set design were created directly on the day of filming.

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