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The series is based on the work of psychoanalysts working with the dreams of soldiers during the Second World War. Independently, many therapists have discovered patterns of soldiers ' dreams. All of them dreamed of aliens who kidnapped men, moved into their bodies and came to earth to terrorize the population and make various evil and nasty things

Tehiniqal, artistic and other approach

Episode 02. A soldier has a recurring dream about being abducted by aliens right from the battlefield. An air battle against a UFO and the rescue of a soldier from a downed alien ship through reincarnation in the body of his child.

Episode 03. A soldier has a constantly recurring dream about how he, having returned from the war, finds himself driving his car. And, exceeding the speed limit, he unsuccessfully tries to hide from the alien entity, participating in a chase with a doomed end.

​Episode 04. A soldier has a recurring dream about how he, working as a police detective, mercilessly destroys aliens trying to capture him

Episode 05 (part I and II).  ???

Episode 06.  Солдату снится сон об электрическом стуле и исчезновении

Дополнительные части из которых собран Первый эпизод. в которых описано начало психологического исследования и сделаны первые зарисовки солдатских снов 

Exhibitions, NFT, collecting, etc

Dark Times, ideas, plans. etc. explaining about fiction nature of the series

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