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La Porte de l'Inconnu

Le Cirque des Mirages Feat. Arthur H

Music video for the collaboration “Arthur H” and Le Cirque Des Mirages.

Director of the traditional animation: Igor Tsvetkov.

Director: Michael Terraz.

Producer Alce Caron.

Second artist / assistant: Anton Fedoseev 


The concept of 4 main cars of life, was born in the process of drawing animation.

At first it was a concept of 3 cars:

    1) a car, taking you from the maternity hospital,

        2) a police car, taking you to the police station, and

3) an ambulance, taking you to the hospital.

Then, in a conversation at the bar, my friend added a fourth car - a hearse.

Unfortunately, the fourth car went outside the script

and did not appear in the final cut, but you can see it here.

The author of the car drawing: Anton Fedoseev


Full video 

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